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Premium Twitter Historical Data

Get twitter data from 2006 until today. We can get any tweet you need

Get past tweets with our feature “Historical data” you will be able to recover any amount of tweets since 2006. In our online store you can purchase 30 or 60 day back reports, if you need older data contact us


Premium Historical Data

Get from10,000 to 200,000 tweets of past 30 or 60 days with our historical data premium products. For products and pricing go to our shop and:

  1. Purchase desired product
  2. Search your target keyword
  3. Click on “Get more tweets” menu
  4. Select desired product
  5. Click on “Get more data” button

Once you have done the previous steps, the system will report progress in “Activity”. When all data is available the system will send you an email and Activity will show.

Historical data successfully collected for your_keyword 

At this moment you will have the data ready in top “Historical” dropdown menu or just searching the keyword in the search box. Notice that this process could last from 20 minutes to a few hours depending on the server load and on the amount of tweets to be collected. The more tweets you get, the more time consuming the task is. Be patient


How to use followthehashtag premium products




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If you’d like further information or if you have any questions regarding Followthehashtag, check out our user documentation.